Monday, December 22, 2008

A Repeat Post and New SD4U kits

I just had to repeat this post over here, but with some more detail:

If you post a super cute picture on your blog and I see it, I may "borrow" it and create a scrapbook page for you. I already have given 2 pages away. One was to Greg and Jess.

and the other one was for Julie, my sister in law.

I have two more sitting on my desk waiting to give to the owners! I'm so excited about them. Do you think it could be yours?

I'll give you a hint, one of the pictures was posted over the weekend and the other picture I got in an email.

I can't wait to share them soon!

The thing is that I made them using the January kits from SD4U ( I got the kits last night from Martha and they are so beautiful that I couldn't go to bed without creating 2 layouts. I absolutely love these kits and the layouts.

Here is a hint about the two kit options this month:

Post a comment if you know which lines we are featuring this month!


Jenny B in Indy said...

OMG.. LOVE those LO's! I've yet to figure out how to use that owlie on a layout. That paper just sits in a drawer calling my name but I'm intimidated by it!

The first pp is Offbeat. I'm not sure about the second, I've never seen it before.
I need to go look at the kit for Jan and see if I can afford it.

Jenny B in Indy said...

Oooh wait.. Is that second one Nightlight? I just remembered it has those bright colors in it. Cute!