Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First Project

for the Fall Frenzy at Coconut Scrap Shop.

The assignment was as follows:

The first challenge for the week is to make something 3d - BUT there are some rules you gotta follow :D so here they are:

(1) Your 3d project MUST be made out of paper - cannot be an object already made
(2) It must have a Fall theme
(3) At least two different kinds of ribbon need to be on your project (color, width, theme, just different)
(4) At least three buttons must be used on your project, any size, any fall color
(5) There must be a saying, phrase, or sentiment somewhere on your project
(6) At least two different brads must be used on your project (color, size, shape, just different)
(7) You have until midnight EST tonight to post your projects to this thread - a new thread will be started for tomorrow's challenge!

My inspiration came from a blog with a very cute example and directions. Here is a link to my inspiration: Magic Box

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jonaks said...

that is a cute box!